Every once in a while a very special vehicle comes along. This 79 Series Dual Cab is certainly special and has defined itself as the apex predator. When Perry was in need of a monster touring set up, Brisbane’s ARB Coopers Plains was there to answer the call.

It all began with meticulous planning and many hours of tweaking. Keeping in mind he wanted to take his family away on epic offroad adventures, no expense was spared on this build in order to achieve the vehicle Perry had always dreamed of. Hailing from South Africa, Perry had a good idea of what he wanted and worked closely with Mark Lacey and the team at ARB Coopers Plains. Creating the ultimate touring set up was a long process, but the end result was something that ticked all the boxes. The vehicle went into the workshop as a stock 79 Series Dual Cab and emerged shortly after as The Dark Knight receiving a top to bottom, inside and out custom build. Everything from OME BP-51 Suspension, an ARB Coopers Plains Lifestyle Energy System and even a custom canopy were fitted to this 79 Series with a show quality finish. But don’t let that fool you, this 79 has been built to go to the most remote locations you can think of… and back again. The Long Ranger tank allows for a total of 180L to be carried so extended trips are no hassle. Taking pride of place on the front is an ARB Deluxe Bar dressed with Warns premium Zeon winch. The ARB Intensity’s light up the darkness and burn anything in their way.

Rear Suspension: To handle the extra payload, the springs were replaced with something more capable and a GVM Upgrade to 3780kg was required. It was finished off with the Trutracker rear axle widening kit and typical OME extras like greasable shackles, caster correction for the front and upgraded sway bars.

Fitted to the Dark Knight 79 Series Dual cab Landcruiser is ARB’s new BP51 Bypass Suspension system. The BP 51 is a Bypass shock absorber using a 51mm bore which gives the shock absorber its name. This new product is like nothing else currently on the market thanks to its  position sensitive system with its  adjustable compression and rebound damping  dramatically improves both the on road feel of the car and the off road handling.

Front Suspension: With the addition of the bar, winch, lights and battery, the front springs had to be upgraded to compensate.  While gaining a 50mm lift all round, the BP51 Suspension took it to a whole new level.

The Dark Knight 79 Series has been fitted with Recaro Cross Speed velour  seats with adjustable lumbar supports  in the Drivers and Passengers positions. The seats have been embroided with the company logo for added individuality.

Manual reset circuit breakers have been fitted for easy reset should a circuit trip

A purpose built battery tray from ARB was used to house the auxiliary start/deep cycle battery.

While the Lithium batteries in the canopy do most of the heavy lifting, the second battery under the bonnet offered peace of mind in case the V8 needed more kick. With a Deka Seamate 79 amp hour Deep Cycle battery, controlled by a Redarc BCDC 25 amp Battery charger and isolator fitted under the bonnet of the Landcruiser.

Look out for part 2 of the Dark Knight Build-Up in Edition 49 of Dirtcomp Magazine where the custom aluminium canopy goes on, the Lifestyle Energy System is installed and we check out the finished project.

For more information contact the team at ARB Coopers Plains on (07) 3277 2020