Hot on the heels of Mr.Grey comes ARB Coopers Plains’ latest creation, the Grey Wolf 200 Series Landcruiser. After perfecting the Mr Grey 200 Series build as a company demonstrator, replicating it became almost second nature to Mark Lacey and his enthusiastic team.

Pat and Ali contracted ARB Coopers Plains on Brisbane’s Southside to build a touring vehicle that was capable of towing their second home, an Australian Off Road Quantum, around Australia. Having already established a 15 year relationship through two previous builds, it didn’t take long to convince the charismatic couple that a “brother” to Mr. Grey would fill their requirements perfectly and the journey to the Grey Wolf began.

The ARB Summit range has not only brought modern day styling, but also maintained strength and compliance that has become synonymous with the ARB name. The colour coded Summit bar provides the perfect mounting platform for the ARB Intensity Lights. Amazing light output and strong mounting brackets make these lights a pleasure to drive behind.

The ARB Summit side steps compliment the bulbar style, matching the 60.3mm tube used on the front. The anodised tread plate has been powdercoated black.

If Pat and Ali ever get stuck the Warn Zeon Platinum has enough to pull the big tourer out of any jam. An IP68 rating coupled with the Spydura rope makes this winch easy to use and maintain, an essential piece of any 4×4 build.

Sadly, majority of vehicles do not come with a rated recovery point, so ARB have designed a bolt on option for snatch recoveries or double line winch pulls. IFS vehicles are susceptible to damage underneath so a series of 3mm thick plates have been fitted, protecting vital components from more severe impacts.

GME delivers yet again with their new XRS-370 UHF. Fully upgradeable software and Bluetooth capability brings UHF Radios into a new age of outback touring and product longevity. They have also supplied a long fibreglass aerial for touring duties which can be interchanged with a shorter aerial for around town.

Water crossing are an inevitable part of offroading. So a Safari ARMAX Snorkel and ARB diff breather kit were used to provide insurance against engine and driveline damage. Not only that, but the ARMAX snorkel provides a smooth delivery of cool, clean air to the big diesel, offering a better performing vehicle.

A 6-pad Electronic Rust Protection System (ERPS) has been installed to the LC200. The ERPS system is used in many industries including mining and agriculture. Conserving the vehicle for the long term is important so the ERPS system was an obvious choice.

On the roof, a Rhino Rack Backbone Platform has been used, providing additional storage for extended trips as well as a mounting platform for various other accessories including light bars, awnings and Maxtrax. Rhino Rack compliment their roof solutions with a huge range of bolt on accessories. A bracket or mount for nearly every bulky item has been thought of.

The hugely popular Frontier Tank from ARB replaces the factory sub with a 180L diesel tank, bringing the total capacity to 273L. Even with the extra weight of the van, Pat and Ali can really distance themselves from civilization without having to worry too much about fuel.

The spare wheel has been relocated to sit on the Kaymar rear bar with a double jerry can holder to keep it company. The steel bar and swing away carriers provide unmatched protection for the rear end while complimenting the vehicle styling.

Pat liked the ROH Octagons so these were wrapped in a set of Mickey Thompson 285/70/17 ATZ P3, an aggressive, obedient all terrain perfect for touring duties. Despite the more open tread these tyres are surprisingly quiet on the tarmac when the Grey Wolf 200 Series Landcruiser is clocking up the kilometres between more hardcore destinations.

Even the AOR Quantum has been modified. Boasting independent trailing arm coil suspension with twin shock absorbers at each wheel, AOR has adapted the wheel track and stud pattern to match the 200 Series. The Quantum is a true offroad van and the only one Pat and Ali would use given the build quality, practicality, reliability and superb after sales support.

Old Man Emu suspension has created one of the industry’s most innovative and exciting products, the BP-51 shock. This is a bypass shock with adjustable rebound and compression, able to be used in conjunction with a GVM upgrade. Complete ride control and customisation creates an immersive driver experience while also providing vehicle clearance and stability.

Inside the cabin the Hema HX-1 has been hard-wired alongside the mobile phone charger so powering devices is easy and the dash is kept free from hanging cables and adapters.  With so much going on the dash it is hard to find a place for everything, but the current layout, with the smart use of RAM Mounts, provides a harmonious balance between communications, mapping screens and media devices.

The Redarc brake controller also sits discreetly within reach, giving full control over the van.

Moving to the back of the car there is something special hidden away underneath the Outback Drawer System and cargo barrier. A Kaizen compressor bracket is tucked away behind the drivers’ rear quarter panel which houses an ARB twin compressor and a 4L aluminium air tank (Check out the kit here). This can be used in any LC200 and maintains a factory finish when packed away, simply lift the plastic panel and you have access to the airline. Alternatively the airline can be plumbed to various points on the vehicle for convenience. Previously you would struggle to even fit just the compressor but now there is a discreet option to have a fully functioning air supply system in a 200 Series.

Pop some more panels and you will find the ARB Coopers Plains Lifestyle Energy System in the rear of the Grey Wolf 200 Series Landcruiser. Completely hidden is a Revolution Australia lithium batteries powered by a Redarc Battery Management System.

Proven reliability and a quality product makes Redarc the perfect choice to look after a vital part of the touring setup. There is a 240V charging station for easy plug in at home or caravan parks, so if Pat and Ali are not using the vehicle for a while or need a top up they can just run an extension lead to a 240V supply. A solar blanket provides options for remote travel.

Various sockets and outlets have been wired to the auxiliary battery and a 60L ARB Fridge is perched on top of the sliding top Outback Drawer. A light strip has also been installed to the tailgate providing excellent light when preparing dinner or a sneaky Limeburners whiskey.